Powerful tools & skills to help you get unstuck in any area of your life

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling stuck.


Whether it’s a result of deep wounding from trauma, heartache or loss or just the sting of a nasty comment from a colleague, feeling triggered and not knowing how to move out of this place, feels awful and very disempowering.


But nothing feels better than that moment of breakthrough when you find healing and release.


That utter joy of relief when you find your way back into your flow. Back into alignment. Back to Centre. Back into your power.


Suddenly everything can move again. You can breathe again and something beautiful opens up inside and the next thing you feel connected, alive and on your path again.


You feel the sweetness of surrender and letting go so the water can gently carry you effortlessly downstream once again.


And as a motivated, talented, awakening woman who is wanting to share her greatest gifts and talents with the world, knowing how get yourself unstuck and back into your flow, is one of the most important skills you can learn.


So you can do your work

Live your purpose

Uplift your family, your community and your clients

Love yourself

Live the life you can feel in your Soul


This is true practical magic.


How do I do this?


Learning how to bring yourself back to Centre is a skill. Something you can hone and develop over time.


This is what I have spent almost 2 decades doing with my clients. The tools, the practices, the skills of how to let go of resistance and come back into your power.


This is true empowerment.


We will do this through a regular Self-Enquiry & Meditation Practice every Thursday evening.


I will be sharing the following 5 key elements of ‘Awakened Living’ to help you hone these vital internal skills.


1 – How to feel your emotions


2 – How to listen to and follow your body wisdom


3 – How to develop a deep meditation and stillness practice to connect to your Inner Wisdom


4 – How to create Sacred Space and Ritual to Nourish your Soul


5 – How to honour your intuitive impulses


Sound like what your Heart and Soul has been longing for?


Class Details


Date:                    Thursday evenings


Time:                    6pm - 7:30pm GMT​


Location:             Online via Zoom


Investment:        2 weeks for free so you can try it out and then £47 per month

Please note this class is only for women



Class Outline


Each class follows the same simple format


Class starts at 6pm with a gentle settling meditation


Followed by


Welcome and introduction of the theme for the evening (eg how to find gentle surrender, finding relief from pressure, making space for peace)


Meditation on our theme


Discussion, inner work or gentle self-enquiry process


Deepening stillness meditation 





Please be respectful of other participants and ensure you arrive by 5:55pm for a 6pm start

To contact Patti Good, or to enquire about any of the services offered on this site, please call me on 07880 998568 or email me at  patti@pattigood.com
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