Is Your Burnout a Blessing?

What if your burnout was the biggest gift of your life? Your body, your heart and your Soul calling you home. Back home to yourself. To a life that feeds you and nourishes you. A life that feels like yours. A place that feels gentle and connected, creative and joyful.

A different pace and rhythm. One with more ease and flow and peace.

Burnout is the most beautiful way that your body tries to get your attention in order to wake you up. It’s your body’s way of yelling at you to STOP. That what you’re doing is the opposite of what you’re really longing for.

And what if there was a really easy, gentle way to answer this call and find your way back to yourself? That instead of struggling, beating yourself up and feeling awful, you could just relax and surrender and let your body’s Infinite Wisdom guide you back to a healthier, happier and more vibrant way of living.

In this blog I’d love to share my experience from almost two decades of helping people come back home to their true selves. Turning their biggest challenges into their greatest gifts. I want to help you to understand…

  • what burnout is

  • how to know if you’re suffering with burnout

  • how to know if your burnout is a deeper calling from your body, heart and Soul

  • how to answer that call and turn your burnout into a real blessing

  • how to get the help you really need