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 Are you longing for more softness, more peace, more stillness in your life?

The time and space to fall into the quietness of your own Being? To remember what it’s like to feel held and supported and loved by a gentleness that’s bigger than all of us?


The sacred space to nourish and replenish yourself? To reconnect with the Infinite Intelligence and dissolve into the joy of the intimate connection with your own Inner Wisdom and Guidance?


Taking time to be quiet restores and replenishes us from the inside. It’s like the comfort of a soft, warm blanket being wrapped around your shoulders or the soft stillness of an early morning.


In our mad busy lives, we forget that this Stillness is always here. Always present. Always available.


This beautiful one-day workshop is your opportunity to remember. The opportunity to nourish and replenish your own Soul


Connecting to Your Inner Guidance


The messages and wisdom from our Inner Guidance are often quiet and subtle and we don’t always hear them through the busyness of our lives.


Taking time in stillness can allow you to reconnect with your inner voice and hear your Soul’s guidance.


This can open the door to inspired realisations, increased creativity and help you find your way back into your flow. A chance to connect to the greater wisdom that guides your life and allows you to feel safer and more supported.


Time out can help you open the door to spiritual insights about any challenges you're experiencing and give you the inspiration on how to truly heal and resolve these issues.


Knowing yourself and how to come back to your ‘Centre’ opens the door to a much greater sense of balance and true wellbeing in every part of your life.

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What’s Involved…?


Date:                    Sunday 25th October

Time:                    10am – 4pm

Venue:                 Online

Cost:                     £95 pp (or £75 each if you bring a friend with code ‘Friend01’)

                              Only 10 spaces available


"Only a quiet mind can know itself"

– Will Johnson

What You'll Need...


In order to rest deeply into stillness, you will need to be as comfortable as possible.


Please take time and care to set up your space. You might want to make sure everything is clean and pristine, to have fresh flowers, light candles or burn lovely aromatherapy oils.


I personally love rose geranium & lavender. 


You will also need

  • A journal and pen

  • Tissues (just in case...)

  • Water

  • Warm cosy blanket(s)

  • Comfy space on your bed, sofa where you won’t be disturbed

  • Tea (please refrain from coffee as this is a stimulant)

  • Beautiful lunch of your favourite food that you'll have time to prepare and eat during the day

  • Yummy chocolate or something delicious you love to eat for tea time


About Patti Good


Hi, I'm Patti

I'm a therapist, intuitive healer, workshop leader and empowerment expert. My greatest joy is helping others turn their biggest challenges into their greatest gifts. 

I believe that every symptom, every negative thought, every bereavement or challenge is your body's way of calling you home. If we just take the time to stop, listen and allow our body to reveal it's deeper wisdom, then we'll find our way back to true health, healing and joy in every part of our lives.

I've facilitated dozens of workshops and thousands of individual transformational healing sessions over the last 18 years. 

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