empowered motherhood

making motherhood magical

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Motherhood can be the most empowering, joyful experience

But what if....

  • falling pregnant and staying pregnant seems impossible?

  • you're scared,  exhausted, anxious, stressed or even downright traumatised?

  • you’re wanting a beautiful empowering conception, pregnancy & birth but have no idea where to start?

  • you’re a conscious mama and want a more mindful, spiritual experience?


Where on earth do you turn for the right support and help?

Hi...I'm Patti Good and I'm an Empowerment Expert for Motherhood

I help women turn their fear into power, their baggage into blessings and embrace their inner wisdom on a more magical and joyful journey through motherhood​

I use a combination of powerful energy and healing tools to help you balance physically, mentally and emotionally so you can embrace and enjoy every step on your amazing journey 

Conceive more easily & consciously

Enjoy a stress-free, healthy pregnancy

Prepare for a beautiful, empowered birth

If you're looking for a safe, gentle, sacred space to uncover and step into your mama power,

then you've come to the right place!


Helping women take their power back makes me want to skip!

TV appearances

Transformational Healing Programs

All Programs are available in person at Harley Street in London or via Skype for International clients

Other media appearances

My Birth My Choice - your roadmap to a Beautiful Birth

My Birth My Choice is a fabulous online video toolkit to empower you to make better birth choices.

South African version is currently available here....

International version coming soon!

To contact Patti Good, or to enquire about any of the services offered on this site, please call me on 07880 998568 or email me at  patti@pattigood.com
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