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Patti Good

Therapist, Trainer & Spiritual Mentor

  • Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner (2003)

  • Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (2004)

  • Founding member of "The Inner Journey Clinic" on Harley Street in London (2004)

  • Trained Doula (2007)

  • HypnoBirthing Practitioner Trainer for South Africa (2010 - 2013)

  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (2010 - 2017 Modules 1, 2, 3,6, Fascial Release, MindScape & Career Hearted)

  • Reiki Master (2016)

  • Certified Life Coach (2017)

  • EFT Practitioner (2018)

  • Conscious Group Leaders Training (2019)

  • First Aid Refresher (2019)

My Story

I love to create a space of deep allowing where you can welcome all pain, all baggage, fear, anxiety, sadness and illness and gently allow the body's infinite intelligence to transform it into the natural and spontaneous joy that we are all born with.


For many years I worked in corporate environments including a number of Investment Banks. I always felt like a square peg in a round hole! In 2002 I endured a year that included 11 deaths, redundancy and a relationship break up.


The Journey opened the door to my own healing and transformation. For the first time in years I felt reconnected to my soul. The result was deep emotional healing and an incredible new career which allowed me to blossom as I assisted others on their spiritual and healing path.


In 2010 I was guided to BodyTalk which enabled me to take my work to whole new level. It offers a way to effortlessly rebalance the body whilst bypassing the conscious mind.  It is an incredibly effective way of reducing stress and allowing the space to open and clear much deeper issues quickly and easily.


The combination of The Journey and BodyTalk is incredibly powerful! It makes me want to skip to work!

I have worked for a number of years as an empowerment expert for motherhood. This has included assisting many women on their fertility journey as well as helping them clear traumatic issues around pregnancy, birth, postnatal adjustment and bereavement. I am currently leading the “My Birth, My Choice” Campaign to educate and empower women to make better birth choices for themselves and their babies.


The core of what I do is to help my clients facilitate their own transformation. At the end of the day all we want is to ‘feel better’. To feel more connected to who we really are.


I now have an amazing toolkit that enables me to work at 3 different levels. Firstly, to help your body reduce stress quickly and effectively, secondly to clear the deeper underlying emotional issues and beliefs that are keeping you stuck and then thirdly, to provide practical tools that you can take back into your everyday life to make the healing real and relevant.


A true journey into joy!



Print Media:                

Bounty UK, Odyssey Magazine, The Daily News, The Mercury, The Ridge, Get It Magazine, The Wharf Newspaper, Living and Loving, Mother and Baby, Practical Parenting, The Baby Club Pregnancy & Newborn publications and You're Pregnant…



Cape Talk Radio, East Coast Radio, SAFM Radio, Dubai Eye Radio, My Baby Radio and Fearless Birthing Podcast


TV Appearances:                      

e-news, eNCA, e-TV’s Great Expectations and The Dr Mol Show on SABC3, Espresso on SABC3 and SABC Newsroom


Corporate Clients:     

Credit Suisse, Accenture, Citigroup and Momentum Medical Aid



B Consultancy Business Achievement Award (February 2014)

To contact Patti Good, or to enquire about any of the services offered on this site, please call me on 07880 998568 or email me at
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